My Shiny New Social Media Presence

I wrote a book!

Isn’t that a nice, positive opening? Whatever happens with this book, even if it lives at the bottom of my metaphorical dresser drawer for the rest of its literary life, nonetheless: I wrote an entire book, from the title page to those two beautiful words, “The End.”

(Except the book then goes on for several more pages of recipes, but you get the idea.)

Whatever. Writing a book is an accomplishment, and I am proud and celebratey!13070402-celebrating-and-party-design-with-festive-balloons-floating-with-confetti-and-streamers-as-a-symbol-


But here’s the thing: No one writes a book for her dresser drawer, really. You want someone to read your book. And short of printing a dozen copies and thrusting them into people’s hands (R.I.P., dear trees), the path toward readership requires publishing. And I have been on this path for a while now — though, full disclosure, I’m not exactly keeping a brisk, heart-healthy pace; I’m more, how you say, trudging.

But just this last week, I submitted my book to a publisher, who asked me, quite reasonably, “What is your social media presence?”

And here was my thoughtful, professional response:

“Uh . . . none.”

I don’t “tweet,” I’m not on Facebook, I don’t fully understand Instagram or Pinterest, and I don’t have a writer website. Just . . . haven’t felt the need for any of that.

But I’m a Rules Girl, and if a social media presence is required to sell a book in 2015, then a social media presence I shall have, starting with this website. Which I’m still figuring out.

Stay tuned!