My Shiny New Social Media Presence

I wrote a book!

Isn’t that a nice, positive opening? Whatever happens with this book, even if it lives at the bottom of my metaphorical dresser drawer for the rest of its literary life, nonetheless: I wrote an entire book, from the title page to those two beautiful words, “The End.”

(Except the book then goes on for several more pages of recipes, but you get the idea.)

Whatever. Writing a book is an accomplishment, and I am proud and celebratey!13070402-celebrating-and-party-design-with-festive-balloons-floating-with-confetti-and-streamers-as-a-symbol-


But here’s the thing: No one writes a book for her dresser drawer, really. You want someone to read your book. And short of printing a dozen copies and thrusting them into people’s hands (R.I.P., dear trees), the path toward readership requires publishing. And I have been on this path for a while now β€” though, full disclosure, I’m not exactly keeping a brisk, heart-healthy pace; I’m more, how you say, trudging.

But just this last week, I submitted my book to a publisher, who asked me, quite reasonably, “What is your social media presence?”

And here was my thoughtful, professional response:

“Uh . . . none.”

I don’t “tweet,” I’m not on Facebook, I don’t fully understand Instagram or Pinterest, and I don’t have a writer website. Just . . . haven’t felt the need for any of that.

But I’m a Rules Girl, and if a social media presence is required to sell a book in 2015, then a social media presence I shall have, starting with this website. Which I’m still figuring out.

Stay tuned!


20 thoughts on “My Shiny New Social Media Presence

  1. I’m just here to say that any writer who coins the word “celebraty” is a writer I’m going to follow, and that’s 100% irony free right there. Welcome to the world of social media! May this do good things for your book and other projects. — Kris W.


    • Thanks, doll! And thanks for being one of my hottest cheerleaders. HOT.

      (hmm, speaking of β€” if I’m trying to be all hip and young for my scores of new young readers, should my gravatar be a plump middle-aged woman fanning herself??)


  2. As much as I LONG to see you on Facebook, I fully support and agree with your instinct to stay far, far away from it! This new site is beautiful and I’m so excited about your BOOK!


    • Thanks, my angel! The BOOK is still mostly in my head . . . but this feels like a bold step forward and a big push in the keister, and whatever other metaphor I can wrangle into this sentence. Write on!


    • Thanks, doll β€” and you are going to get your wish (that would be: sitting next to me while I toil at the computer), because there’s some stuff I can’t figure out at all. I’ve already planned our cocktail for this occasion: a Ward 8! Sound good?

      (it’s because I’m ready for the mental ward after a day of TECHNOLOGY. Did you get that?)


    • Hee! Thank you, my friend, and thank you for following me β€” you are the BEST kind of stalker! I will *absolutely* take you up on your offer to help because I am stuck. And I will make champagne cocktails for us, while you sit beside me and hold my hand. (metaphorically) Fun!!

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    • Thank you, my friend! We are long overdue for coffee and conversation (or iced tea and conversation, I don’t care what you drink). CONVERSATION, that’s the key word. Soon!!!!


    • Well, *of course* you love the design!! (Note to comment readers: It’s called “Kelly.”) What do you think β€” the Kelly green shade of the top border, maybe? And you are very sweet to call me an author. I think I’m a pretend author. But hey β€” I can be very convincing!!!

      Shall we declare our own NaNoWriMo, maybe in July? I’m doing nothing else in July. Once America and Ryan celebrate their birthdays, what else is there?



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