What I’m Cooking

IMG_1202 I love to eat. Up there with books and movies, food is my favoritest thing ever.

(Hmm, now I’m feeling bad that my children aren’t on that list. OK, can we take it as a given that I’m talking about activities now, not people? Reading, movie-watching, eating. Mammal-nuzzling. Party-game playing. There, that’s my list. And my children are even sort of on it, as is my darling husband.)

Fortunately, I also love to cook, and I especially love trying a new recipe — which I’m doing today!

In my many, many decades of life, I have never once cooked anything involving a tomatillo. And yet, salsa verde (green Mexican sauce) is one of the yummiest things there is. When I saw tomatillos in the store last week, I decided — it’s time.

First, I hunted around the Internet for a good recipe for cheese enchiladas with salsa verde — and found, as I usually do, that there are ten hundred recipes and I could waste my life reading them all. So, like Cab and Tony (Betsy-Tacy shout-out!), I decided to just hit the High Points.

Here is what I did.

First, I “husked” (removed the papery outer layer) the tomatillos, scrubbed them with my hands (they are sticky — ew), and cut out the little core.

IMG_1201I cooked them in a saucepan for 10 minutes with an aging slightly spicy pepper, two-thirds of a white onion, a handful of Penzey’s dried garlic (I LOVE this stuff), a handful of cilantro from my window garden, and just enough water to cover. Apparently, I did not take a picture of the saucepan mixture, but here’s my gorgeous herb garden!

IMG_1203I pulverized the whole mass with my immersion blender, and added salt (probably about two teaspoons — I poured it in my hand, dumped it in, tasted, added more). I put a little sauce in the bottom of my baking pan:

IMG_1204. . . and then assembled my enchiladas. I used flour tortillas rather than corn, which is not traditional, but I really dislike soft corn tortillas. (Hard, in a taco shell — yum. Soft — I want to gag.) I used three kinds of cheese. Well, technically two. But one was New York Super Sharp Cheddar and one was Trader Joe’s Cheddar with Truffles (I think), so . . . sorta different. But the third was feta, which was completely different. And not just feta, but basil-tomato feta!

IMG_1205And why basil-tomato feta, which sounds more Italian than Mexican?

Because: I’m a moron. I’d been hunting for queso freso, but my local Stop & Shop failed me. I despondently grabbed some feta and clearly read nothing but the word “feta.”

Nonetheless, I’m sure it will be delicious. I rolled each three-cheese enchilada and poured sauce over the whole thing, topped with more Italian feta. They are now baking (and the kitchen smells heavenly — I wish you were here to smell what I smell!). When they’re done, I will sprinkle a handful of chopped scallions and more cilantro on top. And I’m sure they will be magnificent.

Still unbaked — but don’t they look divine?

(I would like to promise a picture of my cherubs and swain enjoying the final product . . . but no guarantees.)

With the enchiladas, I’m serving Spanish rice with chorizo (which is also making my kitchen smell heavenly), crudites, tortilla chips, and some fresh fruit.

Buen apetito!


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