About Me

Jen, for churchHi! I’m Jen — a mom, wife, daughter, sister, and good friend, a professional copy editor, and an aspiring YA novelist. I live with my absent-minded professor husband, “dramatic” teen daughter, possibly-descended-from-aliens teen son, three adopted kitties, and lots of dusty furniture in Arlington, Massachusetts, the lesser-known town tucked between its glamorous, history-drenched sisters Lexington and Cambridge.

I’ve been writing stories since I was old enough to form letters with a crayon. While my first completed work — the twisty and suspenseful A Rainbow for Prudence — no longer exists (alas!), I have boxes full of creative scribblings from my dramatic and heart-wrenching years as a teen babysitter and honor student. I would like to believe that no one has captured the pain of sitting home on prom night, eating ice cream with a ladle, as I have.

(Note: It gets better!)

In my leisure time, I dream of having more leisure time. I also love cooking, reading, watching old movies, inventing party games, painting my nails with wild colors and designs, nuzzling kitties and goats — and, of course, writing.

The world of technology is not one I enter eagerly . . . we’ll see what happens next!

Feel free to contact me privately, if you’d like to: jdavis [dot] kay [at] rcn [dot] com.


3 thoughts on “About Me

    • Goats are the best!!!!! When Woody and I got married, he was all for having kids and I was more ambivalent, so we made a deal: for every kid I produced, he would give me a goat.

      DO THE MATH, Mary!! How many goats should I have now? Woody is a big big liar. Good thing I love him.

      But I would still like a goat.

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